Did you have unprotected sex and now think you’re pregnant? To get the best care possible, be sure to find out early. Getting accurate and trustworthy information is vital to move forward with confidence. Our caring team at New Life Pregnancy Resource Center is here for you.

We know you have many questions right now. No matter what happens, you don’t have to take your next steps alone. We’re here to walk alongside you. Try your best to take one step at a time.

Beginning With a Pregnancy Test 

A pregnancy test detects the hCG hormone inside your body, found in the urine of pregnant women. You can begin the process with an at-home pregnancy test from your local drugstore. According to pregnancy kit manufacturers, most at-home pregnancy tests are 98% to 99% accurate when used as instructed. 

Be sure of your at-home pregnancy test results with our medical professionals today, and follow up with no-cost pregnancy testing. Get the peace of mind you need to take your next step. 

Timing is Important

The best time to take a pregnancy test is at least one day after a missed period for the most accurate results. This allows your body the time needed to produce the right amount of hCG hormone to be accurately detected in a test. Even though hCG can be detected with a pregnancy test as early as four days before your missed period, it’s more sensitive in the days following. 


We offer professional pregnancy testing and compassionate care. We are here to give you valuable information and insight about all your options. 

If you receive positive pregnancy testing at our center, you may qualify for a limited obstetric ultrasound before you proceed with your options. An ultrasound goes one step further to confirm your pregnancy is viable, healthy, and more. Schedule a no-cost appointment to discuss pregnancy testing and get the straightforward answers you need.