Maybe you’re thinking, “I could never,” regarding the option of adoption. Do your best to consider exploring today’s adoption option if you desire to continue your pregnancy. It’s an option of hope and a future for your child.

Though adoption could be a difficult choice for some, it’s important to remember that giving a child a higher quality of life can be a loving option.

An Inside Look At Adoption

Have you heard certain things about adoption over the years? Adoption has drastically improved, offering women more say in the process. For most women, there are three adoption plans to choose from, depending on your lifestyle:

  • Open Adoption: An open relationship is formed with the mother, adoptive family, and child. The birth mother can communicate with them and have the level of contact she desires. 
  • Closed Adoption: There is complete confidentiality with closed adoption. A birth mother remains anonymous without contact with the child and adoptive family. Every record is sealed.
  • Semi-Open Adoption: The birth mother and adoptive family can communicate with one another, but all communication is done via a third party, such as an adoption attorney.

This is just a little look at the inside process of adoption. Feel better educated by talking to a local adoption agency or connecting with us. We’d be happy to refer you. By chatting with an agency, you are not committing to placing your child for adoption. Here are some of the adoption resources we refer women to if interested in adoption:

Is Adoption A Good Fit?

This is a difficult question, as every woman’s pregnancy journey is unique. You deserve to feel equipped and empowered along the way. The more education, the more clarity you may receive.

We’re here to support you with more information on adoption and help direct you to the best community resources. Contact us today to learn more about this option.